What makes my courses worth your time:

Project-based learning

Learning by doing is the most efficient way possible. My courses are all project-based as it is the most effective way to absorb the material!

Different learning styles

I combine all kinds of learning styles: verbal (reading materials), visual (presentations) and auditory (video lectures)!

Practical coding challenges

Try out your new skills in solving different problems and challenges, practice is important if you want to master your skills!

Community and Support

Got stuck with a problem? I'm always there to help you! Join our community of learners and become an active member!

I like that instructor explains every rule and element and everything is on practice! — Alexander
Great course! Very detailed! I really enjoy it! The best course to become a developer! — Vasa Ivanov
The instructor is very helpful. She replies to queries promptly. Thank you so much Sofia. — Siddhi Nair

Best Web Development Courses

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Start learning today!

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This channel is about web development for web-developers and students with no previous experience with web development or programming at all. Each tuesday you can find here a new lesson with valuable tips and tricks. If you want to become a web-developer - this is the right channel for you! This channel helps you achieve your dream of becoming a web developer!

Sofia Kostiunina

Hi, I'm Sofia!

I’m a front end developer and a web development Instructor. I’m also the founder of Web Development Academy on YouTube and the author of several online courses.

I've spent years to get an experience in the field of web development and design and now I want to share my knowledge with people who have the same enthusiasm for coding! I’ve started to work as an Instructor recently and now I have thousands of students from all over the world.

I really enjoy my job and I'm ultra passionate about education and helping people to change their career and life!

So let's start today!